has intensive virtual marketing to sell your Miami property quickly, be it apartment or house

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We believe in taking the time to fully understand the reasoning behind your decision to sell in order to develop a marketing and selling solution that is tailored best to your needs.

We will assist you to determine the most competitive price by taking into account market values, recent sales of Miami Beach condos and homes,

Our marketing efforts are also designed to aggressively promote your property through proven and new methods which include the following:

Internet Marketing. The most important marketing channels, including email blasts, personal and company websites… The vast majority of buyers now begin their search for Miami Beach condos and homes via the web.

International Buyers. We work in cooperation with international realtors and have intensive marketing to reach buyers in their country of origin. 25% of sales in Florida are made to foreigners and 90% of them pay cash.

Peers and referrals. Our network includes real estate investors and former clients who may be interested in your property like yours.

Multiple Listing Service. It's the base for all database of properties is seen by thousands of buyers and real estate professionals daily and used by millions of websites to sell properties of various types. Exposure of your property is extended to an ostensibly worldwide audience.

Open houses. It's always a great way to attract buyers, allowing them to peruse your property themselves and ask questions.

Some Quick Tips

1. Use your broom!

If you want to help sell your property, fix all the little problems, replace broken light bulbs, call the landscaper and clean it! First impressions matter to buyers; especially when there is fierce competition from neighboring homes. Dust, bugs and unappealing odors are a detractor and can be indicative of further physical problems with a home. Imagine yourself as a buyer and walk into your own home … what would you like to see (or not see)?

2. Speak up!

Your friends, family and co-workers are excellent resources to find a buyer. Likely these people have been in your home and can speak to its virtues. It is your job to let them know to tell their friends your house is for sale.